A trip to Nepal in 1971 marked the beginning of a passion for Asia. First a collector and then a merchant in the early 2000s, many trips will follow, mainly in the Himalayan region. In 2006 meeting in Tibet with my wife, originally from Taiwan, since, together, we select the objects resulting from these fascinating civilizations, as well by the aesthetics as by the thought which they reveal.
Friends, collectors and clients alike, regularly come to the exhibitions that we have the pleasure of organizing several times a year in Paris. (see the calendar)

You can reach us on the "CONTACT" page of this site for any additional information but also if you wish to sell objects, a collection, we will not fail to answer you and advise you. Being merchants we are sellers but also buyers.

By clicking on the link:   www.proantic.com/galerie/michel-leruez   where there is a gallery in the name of "LERUEZ, HIMALASIA" you will find information and numerous photos concerning each object available for sale.

Pei Chuan & Michel LERUEZ
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